VS Dave Winchester Crescent Tail

VS Dave Winchester Crescent Tail


$ 256.99
VS Dave Winchester PP Bodyboard A bodyboard is defined by its materials, how it's constructed and it's shaped. The actual shape, or template, of a board can be determined by many factors. When you combine the wave riding knowledge of the sports best riders with the design skills of the industry's best shapers, it can only result in one thing: high performance shapes. The versus project was established for this very purpose, joining elite bodyboarders with worldclass shapers in a one on one collaboration to create the most technically progressive board shapes. Jake Stone is the latest recruit to the VS stables after his freakish talent and swift rise to the top of the game earned him a spot at Nick Mesritz's round table. Jake is flying the flag for the new generation of raw, stylish and explosive bodyboarding and his new signature range with VS encompasses all that has made this young gun one of the new heroes of the sport.
Core: Polypro: Kinetic PP This core material is designed for speed and projection. Its durability is unrivaled by any other core. Lightweight and rigid, this core will perform exceptionally well in warmer waters where other cores become slow and unresponsive.
Stringer: Carbon Fibre Stringer Designed to add longevity to a board by improving stiffness and recoil while also greatly increasing the ability for projection. The stringer also enhances performance and control. Deck: 8lb PE Decking A very durable and comfortable decking material that is designed to allow your body to lock with your board.
Slick: Surlyn Channeled Slick Surlyn is your only choice for a slick if you demand the greatest amount of response and durability. This high performance slick is the finest grade surlyn made only by Dupont, featuring elastic-like qualities and superior projection.
Channels: Graduated Channels Ensure that the rider gets enough hold on the waves without being locked into undesirable situations.
Tail: Clipped Crescent Tail Provides superior control and hold on the wave face while also allowing for ease of rail to rail transitions and release from carves and spins.

XFL ARMOUR-Heat laminated Crosslink foam forms the inner rails and nose and tail armour, encapsulating the full inner perimeter of the board for premium seam strength and impact protection. Tail: Crescent Tail

CFT STRINGER-High-grade filament wound composite-fibre tube for increased board strength and spring-like recoil.  Nose Bulbs.


MOMENTS // DAVE WINCHESTER from Guilherme Mangas on Vimeo.