Vektor Full Circle Fins

Vektor Full Circle Fins


$ 45.00

VFC-Full Circle template. This template is designed for hollow bowling waves. Where bite and maneuverability are critical. Also works well in large or extra large surf. The fin base has been widened to add extra drive and speed. Developed and ridden by Kyle Maligro.

Recommended Rider Sizes:
SMALL (55-70Kg / 120-155 Lbs)
MEDIUM (65-80Kg / 145-175 Lbs)
LARGE (75-90Kg / 165 200+ Lbs)

Vexcore is the newest innovation from Vektor Systems!! Made with Hexcore and Carbon fiber for added strength and stiffness. This allows for a thinner foil creating better projection and speed.

In-store installation available (1-2 days) for $50.