Laguna Fitness Fin - Nekton Fins

Laguna Fitness Fin - Nekton Fins


$ 39.99
The Laguna Fitness is a unique, high quality training fin.

Computer Designed Propulsion technology allows you to swim faster and farther with less fatigue, more comfort, more control, and more horsepower!

The most comfortable fin on earth!
No other fin offers a neoprene foot pocket and lined heel strap.
Spoon shaped blade ideal for pool swimming.
Enhanced power stroke efficiency
Minimal stroke resistance.
Color: Royal Blue Blade with red footpocket.
Allows for growth so that a child/ youth won't grow out of his/ her Laguna Fins.

Revolutionary polymer blade materials are light, float and have outstanding tear resistance.
Soft Neoprene Foot Pocket eliminates chaffing and blisters.
Textured anti-slip sole.
Fully adjustable heel strap provides custom fit.
Adjustable velcro instep strap provides a secure fit.