Dumm Mount Bundle Kit

Dumm Mount Bundle Kit

Dummy Mount

$ 59.99

The Dummy Mount Bundle Kit is the Ultimate Mouth Mount Solution for your GoPro.  


Dummy Mount™ with Aluminum Thumb Screw and Standard Screw.

Cowabunga Cord™ Leash

Dummy Float™

Attach your GoPro© Housing to the Dummy Mount™ mouth mount and hold between your teeth for hands free photos and video.  Stick the Dummy Float™ to the back of your GoPro© housing so it fits snug to your chin to reduce camera shaking.  Connect the Cowabunga Cord™ between your GoPro© Housing and Dummymount™ using the loop.  Tighten the screw between the connections so they are secure and you don’t lose your camera if you spit your Dummy!